Melody, a collection full of heavenly mysticism

From powder blue to mint green, pastel colours are here to stay. By introducing Melody, Khlara presents a beautiful collection of poetic pastels. Melody offers romantic flowers combined with beautiful ornaments. The soft colours and materials describe a story of heavenly mysticism...

Grace, an engaging collection

Grace charms us with its self-willed mix of geometric shapes, vintage inspired patterns, refined ornaments and remarkable stripe designs, wrapped in a surprising color palette of pure white and beige with silver on top of striking tints, such as mustard yellow, wine red and emerald green to trendy cobalt blue and metallic grey/black combinations.

Queen, the first descendant of the Khlara dynasty

The first collection of the Khlara label is Queen, a royal range of non-woven wallcoverings that emphasises stylish designs and exquisite colour combinations. The special 3D-technique adds relief, creates a different look and adds a special touch. The combination of sparkling and matted effect is another characteristic of this collection.